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BriteTEK RV Roofing:
RV Expert prefers Dicor's BriteTEK roof membrane. Dicor's three part system has distinct advantages.
BriteTEK blends the benefits of EPDM and TPO (thermoplastic olefin) providing a watertight
roof that is easy to install and maintain. BriteTEK has superior puncture and tear resistance
and is tested by Carlisle Syntec to assure long term performance. This RV roof membrane
resist uneven weathering and fading and passes the ASTM 20 year accelerated aging test.

Bright-TEK roof membrane offer a
12 year warranty against premature deterioration to the point of failure because of
weathering if maintained properly.

Lap Sealant:
RV expert uses Dicor's lap sealant creates a watertight seal along the roof edge, around air vents, vent pipes, air
conditioners, and screw heads. Compatible with synthetic sheeting it offers excellent adhesion to aluminum , mortar,
wood, vinyl, galvanized metal and concrete. It improves the ability to continuously seal and remain flexible. Color
matched, the lap sealant is UV stabilized
to prevent deterioration and discoloration and will not stain or discolor any material to which it is applied.

Whether your Britek roof is installed on a new RV by the manufacturer or installed on a older vehicle by RV Expert with
the proper care you can expect years of superior performance .Britek roofing membranes are manufactured using
polymers providing unmatched protection against the elements and ultraviolet rays. In addition RV Experts RV rubber
roofing systems require less maintenance than metal RV roofs,are energy efficient,will not rust,oxidize, or corrode .
If your roof has been leaking do not let the damage persist. After we pull off the rubber we can locate the wood
damage and repair as necessary. We have performed many of these roof repairs and rubber roof replacements on
all kinds of RV's. If you would like references please give us a call.
RV Expert uses Dicor Sythetic Roofing System
RV Expert will work directly with your insurance company
Our mobile rubber roof replacement fleet services San Diego County
A torn rubber roof can cause serious water damage
From 18' to 40' long  by 9' wide we service all trailers, fifth wheels, toy haulers and motorhomes
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As your EPDM rubber roof ages it turns from a white color to black.Rv expert will remove
the old EPDM rubber roof material and replace it with Dicors Britetek TPO roofing system
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Beware of inferior products that paint on the rubber roof material. The  motor home roof shown below was a
product of a blanket style paint on rubber roof coating that did not work that caused major roof damage.
RV Expert removed the old EPDM rubber and installed a sheet of Dicors Brite TEK material  as shown below.
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